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Complete In-Season Training Package (Quarterback)

Complete In-Season Training Package (Quarterback)

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This training package is for any overhead/rotational athlete who wants to stay durable, strong, and powerful during their competitive season. 

In-Season training is a delicate balance between managing fatigue and building on your training efforts from the off-season and pre-season. Over-training or under-training can be detrimental as the season progresses, ending in fatigue or injury. 

We are excited to offer a complete training package that gives you a solution! Our philosophy, derived from a decade of training college quarterbacks and specialists, leaves no stone unturned and provides clear instruction and programming for what you should be doing each day leading up to game day. 

Here's what you get:

-Day-by-Day recommendations to help ensure you are at your best each game as the season progresses

- Pre-Practice Routine (properly prep your body for throwing)

- Post-Practice Routine (targeted stretches and mobility drills to restore range of motion after throwing)

-Recovery Session (what to do the day after a game)

- 2 Phases of Strength Training (twice per week full body workouts)

-Neuromuscular Primer (what to do the day before a game)

-Video Demonstrations of proper technique included for all exercises and movements as easy-to-view hyperlinks.

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